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ADHD Adult Support Group

ADHD group VA DC

Do you have a diagnosis of ADHD or are concerned that: you’re the only one who looses all of your belongings on a near daily basis; has big dreams but struggles to bring them to fruition; is overwhelmed by never-started or never-completed projects?

This group is also for you if it feels like you’re driven by a motor; have a hard time waiting your turn to get your point across; have felt the sting of others stigmatization; have lost friends due to self involvement; or use unhealthy means of escape from the emotional pain associated with being an adult with ADHD.

Join LPC and bestselling author (Soundtrack Of A Misfit: Adventures in ADD & Addiction), Rachel L. Wills.

When: Tuesday evenings from 6:30 – 8:00 pm 

Beginning: Ongoing and continues all year long (except holidays and facilitator availability).

Price: Available membership for $100 monthly (come and go as you need and attend 1 or as many meetings as you want).

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Don’t want commitment? You can pay as you go. $30 per session. To pay click here!

Disclaimer: This is a support group lead by a trained Licensed Therapist but it not a therapy group.

This group is for adults with ADDtitude! A peer support group facilitated by someone just like you!

For faster assistance please contact us via email at Isabelkirk@gmail.com. You can also call or text us at 7032317991