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ADHD Online Coaching

Certified ADHD Coach &
Yoga Teacher for Special Needs

Tina Bates Baldera, M.A.Ed.

In “A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles,” Marianne Williamson said: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is often misunderstood. Although challenging, ADHD is a gift, not a curse. I am also here to provide a respectful, confidential environment and support you in the best way possible.

ADHD is a neurobiochemical condition resulting from a malfunction in the transmitter system of the brain. Therefore, this may explain why you may have challenges paying attention in class/work, staying focused on a task, getting assignments/projects/homework completed, and/or being easily distracted.

ADHD is a lifelong, brain-based, and biological condition. So, this is not a reflection of your personality, parenting, or your child’s behavior. There are treatments and learning strategies that I can teach you to help you manage and thrive as an individual or as a family challenged with ADHD.

The coaching process is a partnership between the coach and the client. So, I have learned from my study and training with JST Coaching & Training that a combination of ADHD specific skills and life coaching skills (goal-setting and strategy creation in managing day-to-day activities), are needed to successfully coach individuals with ADHD.

My ADHD Coaching Style:

I believe in fostering awareness of ADHD issues with you, the client, by integrating and accurately evaluating multiple sources of information that help you gain awareness and achieve agreed-upon results. In our sessions I encourage the use of active listening, which I find an effective tool to create a safe environment for sharing. This also ensures that we are communicating effectively, which has a great and positive impact on our coaching relationship. 

It is important to me to understand your learning style. Why?

It is important because everyone’s learning style is different. Determining whether you learn best as a visual, auditory, tactile, or kinesthetic learner will assist me in suggesting and formulating a coaching plan with goals and action steps that will support you and also assist in your personal success. Our work together will consist of using the framework, references, resources, and tools as the ADHD Benefits of Coaching Scale (ABCS), co-authored by Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, MCC, SCAC. The ABCS is a self-report instrument designed to measure the benefits of ADHD coaching in college students.  So, each of the students received ADHD coaching from coaches using the JST Model of Coaching. More information about the study can be found on JST Coaching & Training’s website

I use a motivational approach, which includes progress and reward. Moreover, this approach assists individuals with ADHD to move forward with their lives, implement changes, make progress towards their goals, and experience success. Two difficult issues we work with are time management. due to the challenging balance of schoolwork and activities and motivation after a setback because of constant expectations to succeed and struggles to appreciate conquering smaller tasks as they work towards larger ones.

It is important for coaches to understand ADHD and recognize setbacks when they occur.

It is also important that you be able to rely on this understanding as you are living daily with the stress. You might be misunderstood as lazy, unmotivated, and indifferent when you are in fact trying to find way to balance daily tasks and challenges. Your coach is positioned to support you in breaking tasks down, prioritizing, and understanding that they might need to be open to new strategies for combating their ADHD and remaining motivated, especially after a setback. Your coach can also use the occurrence of a setback as an opportunity to introduce a new strategy or a chance to redirect/reevaluate a priority in the client’s long-term goals or plans.

In Life coaching for adult ADHD, Nancy Ratey (2002) said in her contribution to Clinician’s Guide to Adult ADHD: Assessment and Intervention: “Coaching focuses on what, how, and when, never why.”[i] My personal, professional, and volunteer work as an advocate, community member, educator, and parent has greatly contributed to my success in serving individuals and families all ages and backgrounds.

Coaching vs Counseling:

The difference between ADHD coaching vs. ADHD counseling is that coaching actively engages, motivates, and helps clients in building confidence while working on assessing priorities and goals setting, while therapy focuses on the psychological side: moods and behaviors of the client. So, sometimes a combination might be necessary and suggested.

ADHD coaching specializes in supporting clients who have Attention Deficit Disorder and provides a process for structure and accountability, which enhances the quality of the client’s life. So, if there is a co-existing/co-morbid condition present, it is important that a medical professional and/or a counselor is involved too. Common co-concurrent conditions types with ADHD are Depression, Dyslexia, Schizophrenia, and Bipolar Disorder. If you do not acknowledge the co-existing/co-morbid condition, it can also deter your progress and success with your coach.

Online Coaching for ADHD Benefits:

Online ADHD coaching is a powerful and modern way for those in need to have constant access to an involved expert, who is focused on overseeing and guiding personal progress. Therefore, weekly scheduled appointments can be done on the telephone, video or even messenger depending on your preference and level of comfort. This option enables people from all around the world to have access to the best coaches. Moreover, they can choose the method of interaction, which works best for them.

As your ADHD coach, I am your partner. So, I make myself available to help you overcome challenges, offer encouragement, celebrate victories. Moreover, I ensure that you never lose sight of your short-term goals and long-term vision.

ADHD Credentials, Education, Training:

  • MA in Education with a Community Education concentration and a BA in Interdisplinary Studies;
  • Certified ADHD Coach, Coaching Teens and College Students with ADHD (JST Coaching & Training);
  • Certified Yoga Teacher for Special Needs (Your Sunshine) at National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center (formerly Yoga Toka).

I am also the Principal at The House of Perry Educational Business Consulting Limited Liability Company, LLC. Moreover, it offers academic, ADHD, and Executive Functioning (EF) coaching, mentoring, and tutoring and small business consulting.

Areas of interest and Services:

My areas of interests and services offered to adults, teens and college students include:

  • ADHD Coaching;
  • Executive Functioning Coaching;
  • Academic Coaching;
  • Special Needs Coaching;
  • Diversity/Inclusion Coaching;
  • Tutoring & Mentoring;
  • Volunteer Management; and
  • Transition Coaching and Support (HS to College; College to Workplace; Adults (of ALL ages) returning to school or work (paid or volunteer) after retirement).

    Now offering summer hours for teens and adults struggling to catch up with online school and ask for more information.

About My Personal Journey and Me:

My ADHD diagnosed at 40. I am also the parent of children with ADHD and executive functioning. My individual and familial experiences led me to seek training and certification as an ADHD coach. It has been a challenging yet rewarding process to not only help myself but many other people suffering from the same conditions and see how things can be much better.

I am the proud parent of two exceptional, vivacious; children and two furry babies: a tabby and a shitzu. A native Washingtonian, I reside with my family in Northern VA (a suburb of Washington, DC). mOREOVER, I am a contributor to and an avid volunteer of several local, regional, and national organizations. These organizations advocate and support individuals, families and community, including the Fairfax County Special Education PTA; Girls On the Run of Northern Virginia; Gospel Advocacy and Leadership Foundation; and the Tekakwitha Conference.

I am also a doctoral candidate for my Doctor of Education and completing graduation requirements for an ecumenical spiritual direction program. It is enabling me to learn and practice more than 50 tools as MTBI, Intensive Journaling, and the Enneagram, which compliment coaching.[JP3] 

Contact Tina:

Please contact us to schedule an appointment with Tina. She is available on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Please call or text (703) 2317991 or email to info@dcvacounseling-psychotherapy.com

[i] Ratey, N. A. (2002). Life Coaching for Adult AD/HD. In S. Goldstein & A. T. Ellison (Eds.). Clinician’s Guide to Adult ADHD: Assessment and Intervention. London: Academic Press.