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Attachment & Experiential Internship / Residency


At DC VA Counseling Psychotherapy, we are proud of our attachment based and experiential identity and the services we provide.

Positions are part or full-time although we prefer full-time candidates due to the investment we make in our residents.

Our main goal is to find candidates who resonate with our treatment philosophy, are a good fit for our culture, and can offer something unique to our current clinical offerings.

***Please note that applications will be only be considered where the application instructions have been followed.***

Who we are

Welcome to DC VA Counseling Psychotherapy, LLC. Created as a soulful, creative, and collaborative space for like-minded professionals to thrive in their work we believe our staff is our greatest asset. Being a therapist is a calling, not just a job, and we know that the best way to serve our clients is to take good care of our therapists.

We believe in the power of secure connection and align with models that focus on attachment, family systems, trauma, emotion regulation, and somatic psychotherapy. We interweave evidence-based models and the latest neuroscience with the timeless wisdom of the body to offer truly holistic care to our clients.

We welcome residents who deeply resonate with our treatment philosophy, both personally and professionally. We warmly invite connection with those souls who are a good fit for our culture and who are looking for a place that will value and support the investment you have already made in your clinical skills, identity, and personal growth.

Our practice welcomes your humanity, strengths, and vulnerabilities. We trust that by focusing on the co-creation of security and safety we offer the optimal conditions for growth, potential, creativity, and connection.

We believe that in order to connect with the struggles of our clients we must also be in connection with our own human vulnerabilities, wounds, protections, and survival strategies. We must be willing to connect, heal, and grow from the inside out so that we can appreciate the daunting journey of growth and healing our clients are willing to grapple with.

We offer creative and collaborative plans of care to our clients, grounded in our shared understanding of the power of relationships. We work with children, teens, adults, couples, parents and seniors.  Research shows that the ultimate answer to health and family are RELATIONSHIPS. Finding your community is an important and satisfying way to develop your career. 

We are proud of the unique culture we have created and our commitment to practicing secure attachment. We are very much human, we make mistakes, and strive for authenticity and vulnerability over perfection or performance. If you feel like you are a ‘work in progress’ – welcome, we are too! Our goal is to find similar souls who are looking for a community that will value and support your unique skills, personhood, and potential. We choose to be transparent about our mission and culture in the hope that you might want to join us in the journey.

The Attachment & Experiential Residency Program

It is our experience that the journey towards licensure is an ongoing process of personal and professional growth. We believe that this process of intentional personal growth, combined with the healing and earning of a secure attachment, creates a very special type of therapist.

Once you leave a graduate training experience it can be hard to find your tribe. We know that finding a quality residency site can be tough so we created a place where ongoing growth and development is celebrated, normalized, and nurtured. Our program is thoughtfully designed to support residents to be ready for licensure through the cultivation of clinical identity, high-quality training and supervision, the creation of space for all the ways your lived experiences have shaped you, and support to reach your potential.

Who we are looking for

We are particularly interested in applications from those with a clinical interest in any of the following: couples therapy, trauma, child or teen and family therapy, parenting, attachment, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, life transitions, self-worth, identity, emotion regulation, substance use, shame, guilt, perinatal mental health, sex therapy, the LGBTQ community, empty nesters, and/or military clients.

Passionate about being a therapist you enjoy the process of developing your skills, experience, and confidence through both professional and personal growth. We are passionate about helping you too. “Gifts of the Emergency Therapist – Tapping into the Power of Starting Out.” Psychotherapy Networker.

Open to exploring your own ‘person of the therapist’ processes, you appreciate space and support to understand the ways these might shape or impact your clinical work. You know what it feels like to be a client yourself and to grapple with your own struggles, pain, or wounds. You want to work in an environment that will value and support your commitment to this process. You are also willing to be a resource to others in this way and to participate in ongoing staff meetings, training, consultation, and process groups with colleagues

Organized, motivated, and invested in building a connection with the clients you serve, you are committed to actively managing the caseload referred to you, maintaining thorough client records, and responding to clients in a timely fashion

What we offer

Our Attachment & Experiential Residency program includes:

  • ongoing trainings specific to the models we practice 
  • free resources library from leaders in the field such as Dianne Polle Heller, Diana Fosha, Dick Swatchz, Jannina Fosha, Francine Shapiro etc.
  • supervision towards licensure from an LPC and LCSW Approved Supervisor
  • Attachment supervision from a Trained Attachment Supervisor
  • therapist process groups
  • staff meetings
  • caseload and steady flow of referrals for either full or part-time caseloads
  • support to clarify, nurture, and deepen your clinical identity
  • training and supervision in Experiential modalities of IFS, Attachment, Somatic and Systemic 
  • training/support to thrive in a private practice setting
  • full-service business model – all marketing and business management provided
  • beautiful office space if in person
  • EHR, clinical paperwork, and resources
  • skilled, passionate, and healthy working environment
  • Insurance credentialing

Please visit our practice website at https://dcvacounseling-psychotherapy.com to learn more about our philosophy, services, and staff team.

How to Apply

***Please note that applications will only be considered where the application instructions have been followed.*** To apply for this position, please submit your resume and a cover letter to isabel@dcvacounseling-psychotherapy.com

We want to get a sense of who you are through your cover letter so please include a description of the treatment models you resonate with, your chosen areas of clinical focus, ideal clients and presenting concerns, personal growth areas you are currently working on, and current employment needs.

Extra: Send a short video introduction yourself and letting us know why you want to be a therapist.

We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Master’s (Required)