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Caroline Conley, LCSW

Adolescents and Adult Psychotherapist

(Individual and Couples)


“I believe that psychotherapy is an important part of the journey to self-exploration and wellness.” I value authentic and genuine connection with my clients. My Adolescents and Adult Psychotherapist work aims to help people in vulnerable times. I tailor my treatment to each individual’s unique issues. Psychotherapy promotes the self-actualization process- helping one to determine who he/she is and then using that knowledge to redirect his/her life in more fulfilling ways.

As an Adolescents and Adult Psychotherapist, I work with clients with the following issues: Depression, anxiety, family conflict, marital and couples counseling, navigating major life transitions, stress, work/life balance, parenting, eating disorders and body image issues. I thrive working with couples, young adults particularly transitioning between high school and college or college and work life as well as helping them figure out their identities and role in relationships.

The Journey of Psychotherapy – Adolescents and Adult Psychotherapist

Using an eclectic approach founded mainly in systemic theory, trauma-informed and person-centered clinical practices, I also work to understand your individual experiences and assist you with your unique healing process. Therefore, I work with clients to help them achieve personal growth, insight, and concrete skills and strategies to improve their well-being. Moreover, I believe that each individual’s needs are unique and I will cater my approach in order to guide you through your change process.

As a Holistic Psychotherapist, I incorporate all of the techniques I have learned to guide you in the connection of mind, heart, body, and spirit. By utilizing all four of these aspects of the human experience, you are more able to overcome obstacles and challenges in your life and thrive. I describe my therapeutic style as insightful and empowering.

I truly believe that people can change because I have experienced the process myself.

People sometimes ask if healing or change is possible after they have been in pain for so long or have gone through so much. And the answer is yes. There are two main ingredients for change to happen: willingness and capacity. If you are here, you are taking your first step. And capacity? I believe in the infinite human resilience and capacity for healing our body and minds innately have. I will be there with  you in every process of your journey to become the person that you want to be.

Caroline has more than 16 years in the field of mental health. She holds a Clinical Social Work from Columbia University with a concentration on Mental Health and Illness, New York. She is a licensed practitioner in DC and VA. In addition, she has a vast experience in different settings such as Children’s National Medical Center, The Psychiatric Institute of Washington, Kaiser Permanent, The Women’s Center as well as private practice.

My Eating Disorders Counseling Work

Falls Church Arlington Eating Disorders Treatment
Do you suffer from disordered eating?

Most people who have an unhealthy relationship with food tend to find themselves stuck in at least one of a number of typical patterns.

You’ve tried one diet after another, but either can’t stick to them or eventually gain the weight back.

You’re constantly eating, or eating “all the wrong” things, and the pounds keep piling on.

You consistently turn to food every time your emotions run high.

You have an unhealthy relationship with food.

Your relationship status with exercise: it’s complicated.

You hate the way you look or you keep trying to change this or that.  

If one or more of these scenarios is true for you, you’re in the right place; I can help you.

Our relationship with food and your body tends to reflect deeper issues about our attachment, self-worth and self-care. In a safe environment, we would explore together both.

I will help you get at the root of your emotional eating. So, it will help to stop the endless cycle of overeating, dieting, and gaining back weight, and get you back in control of your emotions. You will finally learn why you eat, stop dieting once and for all. So, stop depending on food for comfort, and develop a healthier relationship with food, your body, and your emotions.

 In our work, as a trained adult psychotherapist I use a combination of psychodynamic psychotherapy, Intuitive Eating, Family-based treatment (FBT), also referred to as the Maudsley method, Attachment theory, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

My Relationships Counseling Work

adolescents adult psychotherapy
Single again …or…in a disconnected relationship?

Most of my clients are individuals who either are dating and trying to figure out a new relationship. They are stuck in a never-ending cycle running into the same problems with a partner after partner. Typically, they feel miserable, disconnected, and discouraged by their own (or the other person’s) never changing patterns. Moreover, they are looking to have more meaningful and fulfilling connections with those around them.

If you:

You hesitate to trust others.

You close up emotionally, scared that the other person will abandon you.

Moreover, you turn your relationships into emotional battlefields or use conflict as a way to get close to those around you which eventually pushes them away.

You are alienated and disconnected from those closest to you.

You withdraw from close relationships but desperately seek them at the same time.

And, you excessively respond to the needs of others and neglect yourself.

Then, you might benefit from counseling. I draw from an Attachment perspective and help you figure out how your own unconscious might be pulling you away from what you really want. Therefore, in combination with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I also work with Emotionally Focus Therapy (EFT) and Imago. I can help you figure out how you might be getting in your own way.

With couples, I engage not only on communications skills, but also help them in their individual journeys. So, they can be more present and whole themselves while in the relationship. My client is you (each of you) and the relationship. The journey to connection is going be different for every couple.  Some couples will find their way through this process and into connection within a few months. 

For others it can take longer and include individual therapy for one or both partners. Then, the 3 of us embark on a relational journey. Where I provide insight, guidance, and the compassion needed for intra-psychic healing while repairing and rebuilding the connection between the two of you.

Additional Counseling Training:

  • Imago Therapy & Gottman
  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Mindfulness Stress Reduction
  • Psychodynamic Therapy (the deeper meaning and understanding of the effect of patterns and history on current life)

Psychotherapy Professional Affiliations:

  • National Association for Social Workers
  • Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Workers

On a Personal Note…

I am a local from the Washington, DC area. When I am not working as an Adolescents and Adult Psychotherapist, I enjoy spending time with my partner. Moreover, I am attending local events and traveling around the world, since I am very curious about other cultures, ways of thinking and living. I looove to read and being in nature.