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Group Therapy

Falls Church group therapy

Did you know there are many benefits from group therapy in addition to your own counseling? Group therapy for problems with relationships, DBT, separation and divorce, eating disorders, body image, parenting… are now available!

RELATIONSHIPS GROUP:  “Improve Your Relationship EQ”

In person 8 weeks group / workshop for anybody in a relationship or looking for one.


While research shows that relationships are the main source of happiness, they can also bring a lot of pain to people’s lives. Why does that happen? Because unfortunately it is not all a matter of love.  Unfortunately close to half percent of the general population, it means people like you and me, struggle with relationships issues. Now there is scientific information about what causes it and how to go about it so we don’t have to continue to hurt each other or spin around in vicious cycle. And that is what this group/workshop is all about.

We have to heal the aspects that unconsciously get in the way of healthy relationships.

Most people think it is a problem of communication, but it is not. That is a symptom. The real problem is the attachment style that people have and the combinations people make. People are complex human beings and therefore so are relationships. Most people have complex psychological histories that are far from ideal and without self awareness and some work, they are prompt to just repeat those patterns and get in their on way.

In this group/workshop you will have the opportunity to learn powerful information about how attachment influences the way we feel and behave in relationships, explore your own attachment style and how it impacts your own relationships and and learn the pathway to change the aspects that you need to by yourself and with a partner (if and when available).

Why a group format?

This group/workshop is based on my book “Improve your relationships EQ by Improving your Attachment Style” and as I explained in it, a matter of attachment doesn’t heal in isolation. So a safe, supportive environment offers the perfect situation for people to deepen their understanding and actually practice a more secure attachment style.

Structured like a workshop, the group offers a fun, safe, and supportive learning and processing environment.

When: Tuesdays from 5:00 to 6:30pm.

Cost: $85 per week (maybe reimbursed by insurance.  (Credit card, venmo and paypal accepted with processing fee). Cash and check also.

To learn more or to schedule a required intake interview: Call +1 (703) 231 7991 or isabelbk08@gmail.com

Dealing with Difficult Emotions – DBT Group Therapy

This is a dialectical behavior therapy-based group that will focus on recognizing, dealing with, accepting, and changing our emotions through the use of mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, interpersonal/relationship skills, and radical acceptance. If you are experiencing intense emotions and it is impacting you negatively (i.e., it is hurting your relationships; you feel out of control or overwhelmed too often; you deal with obsessive, compulsive, or self destructive behavior; you have difficulty organizing your life; you struggle with transitions, etc.), then this group is for you.

Come to this group with whatever emotions you are feeling and learn how to better cope with them so that you can better show love and understanding to both yourself and to others. Whether you know the reasons for your difficult emotions or not, come learn how to increase your self-awareness and your understanding of what is going on in the inside, and how to cope with it. This group will be part psychoeducational and part discussion/processing.

Ideal participants include those who are experiencing intense and difficult emotions, such as anger, sadness, grief, depression, etc.   Interested participants can contact us for an initial screening to ensure that this group is appropriate for them, and then we will provide you with additional information.

Ages: Adult (18+)

Start: January 2019, 7- 8:30 pm

Length of time: 1 evening/week for 8 weeks; 1.5 hours each meeting

Format: Closed group; 6-8 participants; to promote group cohesion participants can only miss 1 of the 8 sessions

Contact: Call +1 (703) 231 7991 or isabelbk08@gmail.com

More information here!

Disordered Eating & Body Image GROUP

Ongoing in person group to Improve your relationship with Food, Body and Life.

The statistics show that 1 in 5 people have some sort of struggle with food and/or their bodies. The manifestations are chronic dieting, constant calories counting, over exercising, never reaching satisfaction, cycle of depression and giving up with new plans and routines (vicious cycle). Through insightful exercises and discussions you will explore the underlying issues that make your relationship with food difficult. It is not what you are eating, it is what is eating you!

Since food related issues are a symptom of a wounded inner child we will be working on healing it. Also a big fundamental underlying problem is unprocessed shame. So we will be addressing it too.


DURATION: 90 minutes

COST: $85 per session (might be reimbursable by insurance).

Why a group format?

Because I lot of the dynamics with food reflect the dynamics within relationships and life so getting some practice in a safe environment is a big part of the recovery process.

Disclaimer: This is not a group for diagnosable eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia or BED.

To learn more or to schedule a required intake interview: Call 703-231-7991 or isabelbk08@gmail.com

PARENTING & ATTACHMENT: Not feeling like a “good enough PARENT?”

  • Do you know that a lot of those feelings and your capacity to strive as a parent are determined by your attachment style?
  • Tired of reading books and practicing techniques that sometimes work and sometimes don’t?
  • Still confused about what type of parent you want to be? Too strict, too flexible, and can’t figure things out?
  • Do you know that you can predict your child’s secure attachment (meaning happier and more meaningful future with 85% accuracy by working on your own attachment style?

We know that the first months when a baby comes are hard and a big adjustment.  But what happens after those first months and years pass? Do you feel that things are better now? That your expectations about the child and yourself were met? The journey to figure out your role as a parent, your interactions, and type of parent you are and want to be aren’t easy.

The surprise is also that most of all of that is driven by unconscious dynamics: mostly our own attachment.

So by exploring and understanding our own style we could improve and have a satisfactory relationship with our children and with ourselves. No more guilt, confusion and everyday questioning. It is exhausting! Now with 85% accuracy we can predict a good future for our children and that of our relationship with them.

We won’t be focusing mainly on the children and behavioral techniques but on ourselves and our internal processes, reactions and pasts to see how they influence the present and therefore, improve them. Based on Dr. Daniel Siegel’s work (Mindsight, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Parenting from the Inside Out).

WHO: Mothers, fathers, teachers and educators of all ages. Because the attachment style is flexible you can influence your children’s attachment and yours anytime.


DURATION: 90 minutes

COST: $85 per session (might be reimbursable by insurance).

Why a group format?

Lots of the isolation most mothers live today in aggravates the situation, so a big part of the solution is to create that community (“the village”) that we all talk about but that due to modern life is less and less available.

To learn more or to schedule a required intake interview: Call 703-231-7991 or isabelbk08@gmail.com


If you are interested in one or more of these groups but can’t make it in person or prefer the anonymity and convenience of a virtual group, please check for the online option here.