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Women’s mid-life transitions group

 Women’s Mid Life Transitions Group

Middle Aged Women group
We are accepting referrals for my women‘s mid-life transitions group.  Therefore, appropriate referrals are women ages 40-60 seeking support. Moreover,  connection during mid-life transitions including marital status change, shifting or loss of roles and relationships, parenting teens/adult children,  and caring for aging parents.

It is a psychodynamically process oriented group. It focuses on processing life changes (grieving the losses and embracing the new in a healthy way). So, regular topics such as are assertiveness, communication, parenting, women’s health,relationships, sexuality ,marriage , dating , career, identity and more will be discussed. Moreover, in a safe and secure environment you could make this transition a valuable part of your life.

Members may or may not be in individual therapy. However, they will require an intake session prior to joining group.

Length of time: 8 weeks; 1.5 hours each session

Date and Time: Mondays from 6:30 to 8:00pm

Format: 6-8 participants per group; to promote group cohesion participants are asked to miss no more than 1 of the 8 sessions

Cost: $80 per session

Facilitator: Lisa Prickett, LCSW
If you are interested in more details, please contact us to isabelbk08@gmail.com or 703-231-7991.
Thank you!