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Online Groups

Why Online Groups?

Because you can’t always find want you need and want in person (distance, availability, privacy issues,…) we have now online options. You can have the support and experience from other people wherever you are. There is no one modality better than other, it just covers different needs. The idea is to serve more people at the same time and that is one of the advantages technology offers now.

Most self-help groups online aren’t led by a professional. Here through a HIPPA compliant platform and ensuring all the confidentiality issues for all members, the group sessions will: discuss a topic, present exercises during the session or previous to it, process of internal and interpersonal dynamics with other people, sharing of personal experiences (when people are ready and if comfortable to), and feedback and moderation from me. Also, you can benefit from the group even during sessions when you say little but listen carefully to others. Most people find that they have important things in common with other group members, and as others work on concerns, you can learn much about yourself. In the group environment, others serve as mirrors that reflect aspects of yourself that you can recognize and explicitly choose if you want to modify or change.

Online group #1:


MARRIED, SINGLE OR DIVORCED… You will learn what truly influences your personal choices and love life. It is not just about luck or other people’s fault… By knowing more about yourself and others you can really change the unconscious patterns that get in the way and have fulfilling relationships. It goes beyond the area of romantic love: colleagues, friends and even your children.

It is not a problem of Communication!

That is a symptom. There are deeper reasons why relationships don’t work and you will learn about that. The good news is that now there is a science of relationships so we can figure out a way to make them work.


DURATION: 90 minutes

COST: $45 payable by paypal in advance.

To request for information or to register please call 703-231-7991 or email to isabelkirk@gmail.com

Online group #2:


Improving the relationship with food, your body & life

The statistics show that 1 in 5 people have some sort of struggle with food and/or their bodies. The manifestations are chronic dieting, constant calories counting, over exercising, never reaching satisfaction, cycle of depression and giving up with new plans and routines (vicious cycle). Through insightful exercises and discussions you will explore the underlying issues that make your relationship with food difficult. It is not what you are eating, it is what is eating you!

Since food related issues are a symptom of a wounded inner child we will be working on healing it. Also a big fundamental underlying problem is unprocessed shame. So we will be addressing it too.



DURATION: 90 minutes

COST: $45 payable by paypal in advance.

Disclaimer: This is not a group for diagnosable eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia or BED.

To request for information or to register please call 703-231-7991 or email to isabelkirk@gmail.com

Online group #3:

PARENTING & ATTACHMENT: Not feeling like a “good enough parent?”

  • Struggling in your parenting? Do you know that your capacity to strive as a parent is mostly determined by your attachment style?
  • Tired of reading books and learning techniques that sometimes work and sometimes don’t?
  • Still confused about what type of parent you want to be? Too strict, too flexible…just can’t figure things out
  • Feeling tired, overwhelmed, confused, surviving, like you don’t understand yourself or your children?

Then this group is for you!

We know that the first months when a baby comes are hard and a big adjustment.  But what happens after those first months and years pass? Do you feel that things are better now? That your expectations about the child and yourself were met? The journey to figure out your role as a parent, your interactions, and type of parent you are and want to be aren’t easy. The surprise is also that most of all of that is driven by unconscious dynamics: mostly our own attachment.

So by exploring and understanding our own style we could improve and have a satisfactory relationship with our children and with ourselves. No more guilt, confusion and everyday questioning. It is exhausting! Now with 85% accuracy we can predict a good future for our children and that of our relationship with them by working on ourselves.

We won’t be focusing mainly on the children and behavioral techniques but on ourselves and our internal processes, reactions and pasts to see how they influence the present and therefore, improve them. Based on Dr. Daniel Siegel’s work (Mindsight, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Parenting from the Inside Out).


Mothers, fathers, teachers and educators of all ages. Because the attachment style is flexible you can influence your children’s attachment and yours anytime.


DURATION: 90 minutes

COST: $45 payable by paypal in advance.

To request for information or to register please call 703-231-7991 or email to isabelkirk@gmail.com

To read more details about this group, click here.

Support Group Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines and be respectful to all those who participate:

  • Confidentiality: We expect you to respect people’s privacy and stories. What is shared in the group stays in the group. Please note, this policy is rigorously enforced.
  • We recommend you do your homework and practice the exercise at home so you can get the most benefit of each session.
  • You don’t have to share if you don’t feel comfortable but is highly recommendable.
  • You will follow the moderator directions.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that these online groups are not formatted as psychotherapy groups but as support/psychoeducational groups.