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Parenting Support Group

Wanna help your child, come help yourself!

parenting group

Parenting can be a wild roller coaster ride with unexpected twists, turns, and filled with all sorts of emotions: Joy, Love, Anger, Guilt, Sadness, Excitement. Sometimes this ride can feel wonderful but it can also feel lonely, scary, confusing, or lead to burn-out. Jessica and Brittany, as parents and mental health professionals, understand these feelings and we want to help. We created a group to teach helpful parenting skills and understand your own self, practice and discuss in real-time with other parents who are experiencing similar emotions and struggles. There is a reason for the old saying, it takes a village. 

Drawing upon stunning new findings in neurobiology and attachment research,  Daniel Seigel, PhD father of neurobiology, explains how parents by just having a deeper understanding of their own life stories, can help them raise compassionate and resilient children better than any behavioral technique. 

We are offering a 12-week psychoeducation group that aims to address the internal parenting struggles and while we can’t promise it will solve everything, our goal is that you feel more confident in your ability to parent your child(ren). The goal is to focus and improve yourself and not so much on how to change your children. And best of all, instead of those stuffy workshops filled with lectures, ours is practical and experiential, meaning that you’ll frequently have chances to practice skills right away and learn by doing. This workshop is available for parents of kids ages 3-18.

We will cover topics including:

  • How to manage both your intense emotions and model that to your kids
  • How to handle Guilt and Shame 
  • Self-Compassion
  • Mindfulness
  • Establishing healthy boundaries and limits with your kids
  • Identifying your triggers before you get upset
  • How to effectively repair when mistakes happen

You can always use Google or read a book about these topics. But a group workshop offers something unique- fellowship with other parents who understand what you are going through and a place to practice and develop skills to take home with you. Having a community with whom you share and get support is often the key to making significant change. If this sounds like something you have been looking for, sign up today!

When: Fridays 12-1 PM beginning June 2024

Format: Virtual, open to all US states and internationally.

Cost: $75 per session!

Disclaimer: This is a workshop, not group therapy.

Space is limited so RSVP ASAP!

If you are interested in more details, please contact us to info@dcvacouseling-psychotherapy.com call or text 703-231-7991.
To complete registration, fill out all the group forms (scroll down to the bottom), send them to Brittany or Jessica and submit payment here. Registration won’t be completed until payment is done.
Thank you!