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Pregnancy & Postpartum (PPD) Counseling

Postpartum Depression:


Postpartum depression


Anxiety and parenting difficulties

Maternity is a wonderful thing but also a period of huge change and of high risk for the onset of mood disorders. For this reason, in the same way that we take care of the physical health of mother and baby it is important to check and maintain emotional health of both.

Check with me and I will help you make this journey easier. So, with the support that you need to fully enjoy this period of your life. If you aren’t sure if what you are experiencing is the babies’ blues or a more serious condition, do not wait. Get help!

If on the other hand, things didn’t go as expected and you experience a loss. You don’t have to deal with it alone. Untreated grief is one of the main causes of masked depression.

For adjustment and mild to moderate depression during or after pregnancy, grief & loss, psychotherapy, Postpartum Counseling is the first option.


I also offer services to enhance the relationship with yourself and your baby during this wonderful period of your life:

Transition to Motherhood:


An opportunity for mothers to be to learn about themselves and their future babies’ relationship with the help of a mental health professional, laying the foundation for healthy child development. Healthy mother’s adjustment to new role, and a strong relationship between with your child.

Issues include:

  • Redefining one Self to include role of mother.
  • Bonding techniques to enhance attachment relationship between mother and child.
  • Positive Parenting and Communication Skills to develop Healthy Relationships and prevent problems.
  • How to maintain a healthy mental state. Resources and stress management techniques.
  • Considerations to prevent mental health complications. What you should know about depression, body image, low-self-esteem…before, during and after pregnancy. Since I specialize in eating disorders. I bring both of these aspects together. If you have/had suffered from eating disorders or body image issues, do not hesitate to look for support during and right after your pregnancy.
  • Baby-proof couple’s techniques. How to become a mom without giving up being a wife.
  • Planning and balancing your new life. Aspects to consider, what to do and how to do it.

 Unlike typical pre-natal classes that are mostly focused on an isolated aspect (physical care for you and/or your baby, mainly during the pregnancy period), I offer a mental health perspective care with a holistic approach. It helps you to deal with the transition into motherhood and to develop a new and balanced lifestyle that takes into consideration all areas of your life.

Maternity & Attachment:


Congratulations on becoming a mother! Did you know that the first year of your relationship with your baby is the most important for his/her mental health as an adult? And that a big part of how we related to our children depends on our own childhood experiences and attachment style? In the privacy of your own sessions I can help you discover what factors will influence the relationship with your child, even from pregnancy and, help you make the necessary adjustments for you to help your child to become a healthy adjusted adult. Research shows that almost 50% of the population doesn’t have the attachment style conducive to it, so awareness and a little bit of information is our best shot to make things right for our children.

During our Postpartum Counseling sessions together you will learn:

  • the foundation for healthy child development
  • attachment types and the influence on your mothering style
  • major factors influencing mother-child relationship

All my work is based on the discoveries of scientific research for creating and maintaining healthy family attachment relationships.

To learn more about your attachment style, take one or more of the following quizzes: