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Welcome to Counseling Psychotherapy, LLC

This blog has been created to help people like you and me to better understand the role of psychology in our everyday lives. We don’t have to be mentally ill or be diagnosed with a “disorder” to benefit from it.

Actually, it is the opposite. The people that tend to attend counseling at different times of need in their lives as well as a preventive measure, report benefiting more and more each time.

Reliable research demonstrates that psychotherapy, or the guidance offered by mental health professionals. It is neither unproven nor a luxury, but in fact a viable. It empirically supported intervention. Who doesn’t deal with everyday struggles, doesn’t need to learn how to make the best of ourselves or to live life to the fullest?. We don’t longer want to survive, but to thrive!

It was not so long ago, even just a generation ago that people didn’t have as much information as we do today, and for that we can be thankful.

We don’t have to be victims of our past anymore. Today, with some effort and dedication we can change our destinies and be as healthy and happy as it is humanly possible. It is part of this blog’s mission. It is to teach you about those little but important things in life. The things that you are not aware of but that can change your life radically and forever. I don’t promise you permanent nor steady happiness. The Reason is I don’t think it exists but on book’s titles and TV commercials. I believe you can create a happy life regardless of the obstacles and hard moments that life offers. Moreover, it is a journey I can share with you.

“Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to overcome them” – Nichiren Daishonin

Let’s take a look at our current situation:

It is amazing the amount of years we spend in school and the amount of money we pay to become managers, doctors, and engineers. When get a new expensive electric tool or toy we, at least, read the manual before using it. But we usually do not take any time or effort to learn about the most important and complex tasks of our lives. How to build self-esteem, how to prepare for a marriage. Furthermore, how to become a parent just to mention a few.

  1. According to recognize relationships expert, Harville Hendrix, only 5% of marriages are happy. National statistics show that 50% to 60% of marriages end in divorce and 60-75% of second marriages fail as well.
  2. A research conducted by Kaiser Permanente in 2006 (ACE Study) showed that the higher the rates of any type of developmental trauma the higher the rates of drug addiction, obesity and personality disorders during adulthood.
  3. And when Mother Theresa of Calcutta came back from her last trip to Europe, she was asked what is worst disease she anticipated in the Western world during the upcoming decades. Her answer: loneliness. “One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody,” she said.

That is why this blog is called Counseling Psychotherapy for everyday life because Psychology is part of every aspect of our lives.

There will also be links and information from other sources to make it richer and abundant. Questions about relationships, parenting, feelings, loneliness, how much is drinking too much and many more are in our minds 24/7. Everybody can benefit from counseling to solve a problem. They cananswer a question, to look for direction when we are lost or simply to not have to cry alone. We need to defeat the negative stigma. That looking for counseling help means that there is something wrong with us. It is a sign of weakness or that it is only for people with serious mental conditions. With this site I hope I can offer more information about this wonderful and new field and you can get to know if of us better.

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving… and that’s your own self ~ Aldous Huxley

Thank you for being here!

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