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Helping your Anxious Child/Teen

How to Raise Healthy & Resilient Children in an Age of Anxiety

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When life hits hard or children are chronically worried, even the most well-meaning parents can fall into common traps that exacerbate their youngsters’ anxiety. Worry is a part of life, but it can be debilitating to children, teens and parents when alike.

Children with anxiety have difficulty with transitions and changes. Due to the constant changes and uncertainty of 2020-2021, families and children have a lot to navigate. You don’t have to do it alone or wait until things are bad to ask for support. Your child and/or teen can be in therapy but parents also need support and guidance in order to better understand, deal and help with anxiety at home. 

Some points that will be addressed are:

  • Are you and/or your child anxious about going back to school?
  • How does anxiety work? 
  • Do you suspect your child will struggle to transition back to in-person learning?
  • Does your child/teen deal with problems completing school work or social anxiety?
  • Is self-esteem, executive functioning, lack of flexibility and social anxiety part of their developmental stage?
  • What can you do as parents to help our children navigate these feelings?
  • How do you decide  how many extra-curricular activities are too many for a child or for your family?
  • How to interpret your child/teen’s behavior… and many other topics.

The group is to help parents support their child and families through this transition and with anxiety in general. The group is for parents to feel supported as well!

When: TBD

Duration: From 45mins to 1 hour per session

Price: $60 (receipts can be provided for your insurance)

Therapist Facilitators: Gabriela Canale-Marquez, LCSW and Kaitlyn White

. Gabriela is a licensed clinical social worker with extensive experience working with Families, Children & Teens and has worked in VA and NY providing culturally competent psychotherapy to children, adolescents, adults and couples in person and online. Gabriela has vast experience working in the Fairfax and NYC school systems supporting families and empowering them with knowledge on how to address their kids’ needs if they have an IEP and/or other school supports.

To request more information or to register, For faster assistance please contact us via email at Isabelkirk@gmail.com. You can also call or text us at 7032317991