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Is there a cure for loneliness? Yes, Healthy Attachment.

As a center that focuses on Attachment and healthy relationships, we know that good relationships are so important to your happiness, yet you may not know just how vital they are to our health and well-being.
What do our connections to others give us? And what happens when we don’t have them?

Here the latest information about the effects of loneliness in your body at a cellular level. You will be impressed with the effects of it. They are compared to the effect of 15 cigarettes per day. We are facing an epidemic of loneliness and we need to be aware of it before is too late!

We are fortunate to live in a time where advances research and science in neurobiology continue to inform us. There is where attachment therapy comes alive. Because unhealthy or toxic relationships are as detrimental as loneliness.

I am happy to share this fascinating article and I hope you pass it along as well.

Article: Is the a Cure for Loneliness?

Attachment knowledge and work are the pathway for healthy relationships and we are here to help you. So ad healthy relationships to your list: balance eating, regular exercise and healthy relationships for a longer and more fulfilled life.

Your DC VA Counseling Team!