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Is your Therapy Really Private and Confidential?


Choosing between a small counseling private practice and big online therapy platforms like Better Help, Alma, Grow or Headway should be seriously considered. It depends of course on various factors, including personal preferences, needs, and circumstances. Here are some considerations to help you decide:

Personalization and Expertise:

Small counseling private practices often offer a more personalized experience. You’re likely to work consistently with the same therapist, fostering a deeper therapeutic relationship over time. They offer in person options in addition to online.

There is usually an owner or a receptionist communicating with clients instead of a robot. Therapists feel in community, supported, better paid, and therefore, able to perform better quality therapy. Therapists tend to be more specialized and qualified since they invest on their long-term education and growth.

Online platforms like BetterHelp, Alma, Headway, Growth … may provide access to a broader range of therapists, but the interaction can feel less personal due to the rotating nature of therapists and the asynchronous communication. The therapists tend to be overworked and underpaid.

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