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Jeffrey Goidel, PhD.

Couples & Family Therapy
Jeffrey Goidel, PhD.

Hello! My name is Dr. Jeffrey Goidel.  I am a licensed psychologist in Virginia, Florida, and New York.  I am a summa cum laude graduate of Adelphi University in Garden City, NY, and received a New York Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology/Alliant University in Los Angeles. So, during my professional career I developed a passion for the following:

My Psychology Services :

Couples & Family Therapy:

In a world with so many competing demands, often the marriage or relationship  gets the least attention. You feel more like roommates than soulmates.  Something as simple as loading the dishwasher can lead down the same rabbit hole of fighting, shutting down, and feeling hopelessly disconnected.

I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist providing Couples & Family Therapy to couples and individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship distress, affair recovery, parenting challenges, work-family balance, and the empty nest.

During Couples & Family Therapy I recommend including all the members of the family, even those that are less than willing or able to participate (such as reluctant teens and babies). Having all the players present helps the therapist understand the full scope of the patterns at play.

Everyone agrees life can be really hard, yet many of us grow up believing we should dig deep and tough it out.

The fact is sometimes we need a little guidance. In my practice, I help you sort out the confusion, also make sense of the past and find a loving, sure-footed way forward.

Coming to therapy takes courage—I have never forgotten how hard it was to pick up the phone myself years ago. Yet when we muster the strength to face our problems we also create the greatest opportunities to truly know ourselves and one another.

What to expect from Couple & Family Therapy:

Therapy is a difficult journey for many, as their comfortable patterns and behaviors are analyzed and challenged in hopes of seeing change. Those that succeed in therapy are open-minded to new strategies, willing to try new methods, and dedicated to their scheduled treatment. Moreover, therapy is client-led, your therapist will not carry you. Their role is to walk alongside you, at your pace, with guidance and support.

In the first session your therapist’s main focus to get to know your relationship or family, gain a clear understanding of what you’re looking to change, and learn more about why you’re looking for help now.

Your therapist will guide you through the expectations of therapy: both what your therapist expects of you, and what you can expect from your therapist. You will discuss confidentiality, different policies, and get your other questions answered. Next, your therapist will assist you in determining your goals and you will make a plan to achieve those together.

In subsequent sessions be prepared to laugh, cry, stretch, grow, and reach goals you thought were impossible.

Therapeutic Work:

Most importantly, your therapist will work with you and your family to achieve goals you have determined. The therapist will address topics such as communication patterns & styles, parent & child expectations, responsibility, trust, fair & loving consequences, family routines & distribution of household duties, power dynamics & family structure, and what you’d like your family legacy to be & how to go about living your family legacy.

Your therapist will provide you with tools to address these issues, and will assist you in practicing and implementing them for future success.

Children and Teens Psychological Evaluations and Therapy Treatment:

  • Does school seem like more of a struggle than it should be?
  • Learning differences can affect many aspects of life, and when left undiagnosed can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety.
  • Though the symptoms of ADHD and other learning disorders may vary, if your child struggles to focus, finish tasks, or experiences frustration when trying to complete assignments, he or she may be showing signs of ADHD.
  • These symptoms can have a big impact on your child’s overall emotional health and well-being.
Evaluations help us understand how to best help your child succeed.

Evaluations can help us gain a deeper understanding of the challenges your child is facing. Once an evaluation is completed, families will be provided with a comprehensive report that summarizes the findings, provides conclusions and a diagnosis, assists with Individualized Education Program (IEP) considerations, and provides treatment recommendations. Together we will have feedback sessions to further discuss the findings.

Knowing the challenges your child is facing can help us identify strategies to overcome those barriers, reduce frustration, and find success.

  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Behavioral Problems
  • School-related problems
  • Dealing with trauma
  • Self Esteem
  • Peer Pressure
  • Family Problems
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Self-image and Identity
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Life Transitions

Therapy for Men:

Men’s issues can refer to a number of concerns that may affect mental or physical health in men and that may cause them to seek therapy.

Statistically, men do not typically seek therapy in high numbers. When they do, they generally report the same types of concerns that might lead anyone to seek therapy, such as depression, stress, anxiety, work  and relationship concerns. However, the same way there are some issues that are more women relevant, there are some issues particularly more relevant to men.

As a man myself, I had to work on my own journey as well as in relationships and therefore I walk the walk. Main topics I can help you with are:

Bariatric Evaluations:

I have been working with people who are preparing for Bariatric surgery for over 20 years. I have completed hundreds of pre-surgical clearance evaluations. The pre-surgical clearance is not so much a gatekeeping function but is part of preparing to be in the best position to succeed with your bariatric procedure and after care program. After your surgery I am available for therapy should you need or desire it, occasional check-ins or coaching and support.

Psychology Professional Experience:

I have over 3 decades of providing clinical services to children, teens, families, and seniors in a variety of settings.  So, my experience is extensive, widespread, and intensive. I completed my internship training at the Child Guidance Center, Costa Mesa, CA and the Dept of Rehabilitation and Neuropsychology at Northridge (CA) Hospital. I have worked in schools, hospitals, clinics, and private clinical practice throughout the years. Moreover, I have supervised many interns throughout the years and am a Florida certified clinical educator/supervisor  I began the children’s bereavement program for Rockland County Hospice.

I have a strong background in psychological testing and psycho-educational evaluations. So, I have taught psychology courses at 2 NY City area colleges.  I have been a regular contributing psychologist in a local NY radio station as well as the on-air psychologist for a teen-age cable tv talk show. I am expert witness in the Brooklyn and Rockland County courts in NY as well as the courts in Hillsborough and Palm Beach Counties in Florida.

My approach to treatment is an active one. I listen carefully and fully engage in conversation. The quality of the therapeutic relationship is crucial. I am also goal-oriented, supportive, and positive in therapy using a bit of humor to ease the process and promote feelings of self-worth and empowerment. I use cognitive-behavioral techniques to gain insight into one’s strengths and weaknesses. The past is important to understand. The present is vital to shape the future.  Therefore, making good choices and behavior changes are the key to maximizing your potential. Self-actualization is the key to happiness. 

About me:

I was born and raised on Long Island, NY.  I moved out to Los Angeles for graduate school.  Moreover, I met my wife on a blind date and married in North Hollywood, CA.  We were actually contestants on The Newlywed Game. So, we came in the last place and won a bucket of chicken and a year’s supply of spray starch. We also moved to NY after my schooling was completed where I worked in a special education school district and had a private practice.

My interest in psychology began in third grade when my next-door neighbors and best friends’ parents were getting a divorce. And they talked about their special helping friend- a psychologist. My interest in the field flourished during my growing up years.  By the time I graduated school both my parents had died tragically. I knew I had chosen the right field.

Fifteen years ago we moved to Florida ( where we already had a vacation home).

Moreover, I maximized the profit of our home in the overpriced metro NYC real estate market to enjoy the sunshine state full time.  I have a private practice in Palm Beach County. And I worked for a local school district where I was a four-time winner of the Excellence in Education Award. I took early retirement from the schools. So, I am a proud parent of 2 grown and productive children.  My daughter is an elementary school music teacher and my son works for the federal government. In addition, my wife has a degree in fashion design and works in her field locally.

I have experience and training in telehealth services. I can help with anxiety, depression, school problems, chronic illness, divorce, bereavement, behavior problems, marital issues, learning disability, ADHD, social problems, feelings of loneliness/isolation, career issues, and autism spectrum disorders.

Contact Me:

Please feel free to chat with me and enjoy the view from my waterfront Boca Raton office. Furthermore, I look forward to helping you become a happier, more fulfilled, and successful person through my Couples & Family Therapy. Call or text (703) 2317991 or email to info@dcvacounseling-psychotherapy.com