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Kaitlin Henry, LMSW

Families & Children

In the wake of the global pandemic, children are more vulnerable than ever to
challenges with mental health. Maybe you have noticed your child closing themselves
off from friends and activities they once enjoyed, or maybe they are struggling to handle
everyday tasks. Your child may be experiencing big emotions that they don’t know how
to manage, and your family is likely feeling the effects of the trials your child is

With a background in social work, I have a passion for working with children and
families. I use a systems approach with a focus on person-in-environment theory.
Everyone’s environment in which they live, learn, and socialize impacts their mental
health. With the world changing so quickly around us, this is essential keep in mind. We
should acknowledge the deeply rooted environmental and societal factors that are
impacting the feelings and behaviors our children exhibit. Through use of cognitive-
behavioral therapy interventions, this approach gives clients the ability to see the
strength they have and the progress they are capable of making.

I have experience working with children and their families through in-home treatment, as
well as training and experience in crisis management. In addition, I am trained to treat
anxiety in children and adolescents. My goal is to guide children and their families in
learning how and why they are experiencing their thoughts, feelings and emotions.
Parents will receive the skills and knowledge to support their kids in actively facing
challenges, and children will feel empowered with each obstacle they overcome.

Kaitlin works under the supervision of Gabriela Marquez-Canale, LCSW.