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Lindsay King, LPC

Children, Adolescents and Adults Therapist

I’m so glad you are seeking help at this time. You may be feeling increased stress, lack of focus, fears, or relationship difficulties. I assist my clients to achieve relief from symptoms like anxiety, sadness, anger, and grief. Together, we will learn your story, set goals to work toward, and take action to meet your goals through processing, learning, and practicing new skills. You’ll be supported in acknowledging feelings, exploring problematic thinking patterns and beliefs, and will develop an effective design for living. This way you will become better equipped to face life’s challenges and enjoy life’s treasures, with poise and grace. I primarily work with individuals across the life span. I have expertise and prize my work with parents, children, and teens; helping them strengthen bonds through play, expressive arts, and skillful modeling. My heart is to help all my clients thrive in mind, body, & spirit! 

My Therapeutic Approach:

For children (ages 3-12) and parents, I offer Filial therapy.  Through this incredibly helpful service, I help parents to better connect and resolve issues with their children during structured sessions involving therapeutic modeling, skills training, play and expressive therapies.  Studies have shown this modality reduces parental stress, decreases conflict, and improves child and caregiver’s use of skillful behaviors.

For teens (ages 13-18), I offer cognitive-behavioral and expressive sessions, whereby teens process their emotions in a safe space, and learn and practice effective coping skills.  These sessions require a minimum of once monthly family sessions with teen and a caregiver.  My heart is to help all my clients thrive in mind, body, & spirit!

Telehealth play therapy:

Therapy has changed more in the past two years than ever before. You may be wondering how play and expressive therapy (for kids, teens, & families) works. The best way to envision this service is to think about a regular office therapy session, but with screens and a strong internet connection. We will need our tablets/computers set to eye level, on a flat surface (perhaps a coffee table), sitting comfortably (floor/yoga mat), with good lighting, comfortable clothing, some arts supplies, 2-3 games (UNO, jenga, hand puppet/stuffed animal), an open heart and an open mind. I’ll have all of these items as well. Instead of being in person and sharing the same play and arts supplies, we will be reciprocating use of the same item at the same time. Through instruction, modeling, and psycho-educational activities, your child/teen will learn through play, arts, metaphor, storytelling, guided imagery and calming, writing, problem solving, and other helpful, expressive modalities. We will even make time for caregivers and kids to work together in a session, to learn how to play and create together at home, to build skills and relationships at the same time. 

About Me:
I am a creative, compassionate therapist, who with over 15 years of experience empowering clients to heal, grow and thrive. I have had my own journey of facing loss, rising up to meet challenges and triumphs, while bringing compassion to my experiences throughout my life. I am a National Certified Counselor (NCC), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), & active member of the American Counseling Association. We will utilize mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral, play/expressive based & interpersonal techniques to get results. There is no magic wand in therapy and sometimes the work can be arduous. As your therapist, I am present with you, offering you impartial, authentic, compassionate care while you embark on this transformational journey.  I look forward to working with you; please contact me today to get started!