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Maryland Online Therapy

We are currently offering online teletherapy service to people located anywhere in the Maryland area. Our licensed therapists in the State of Maryland allow us to provide services to any resident in MD.

We live in a very Metropolitan area and that can be complicated. Maryland is a big state and has areas that can be dense populated where parking and traffic become a challenge. 

Maryland has also a lot of rural areas that can take long time in the car to get anywhere. Therefore, the option of Maryland online therapy, has become very useful like in any other part of the world.

How does online counseling in Maryland work?

One of the biggest issues these days with online therapy is that people think they can go now and have therapy with a counselor across the world and it doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The online therapy provider needs to be licensed in the State where the client resides. The therapist can be anywhere physically, but he/she needs to be a licensed therapist in the State of Maryland if the client looking for services lives in Maryland.

We provide online counseling services in Maryland for adolescents and adults, of any age. However, we work and understand millennials and specialize in relationships (personal, and professional). Anxiety, depression, grief, life transitions, ADHD, dating in this lonely world, career dissatisfaction, sexual identity and complex trauma or PTSD.

We are a LGBT friendly practice and very open to diversity race, religion, gender and otherwise.