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Meghan Damminger, LGPC


Hi! I’m Meghan, and I’m really glad that you’re here.

I believe that support is one of the most important aspects of life. It makes our celebrations feel that much more meaningful and memorable, and it makes our challenging times feel possible. With support, we can feel more fulfilled, empowered, confident, and connected. As human beings, we were meant to connect with one another, and receive and give support. At times you may feel like you need an extra layer of support from a professional, which is a wonderful benefit of therapy. I promise that whatever brings you here today, it’s totally normal.

During therapy, I will work with you from a person-centered approach, meaning that I focus on your needs as we collaborate to achieve your desired goals. Think of me as a guide, but ultimately, you are the decision-maker. I take a holistic approach to healing and create a non-judgmental space so that you can feel safe and heard. It can feel vulnerable opening up at first, so we will move at a pace that feels comfortable for you.

Everyone is unique, therefore, there is no “one size fits all” approach, but when appropriate I’ll apply CBT, which simply put is a practice aimed at taking control of our thoughts to achieve different actions and outcomes. It is a helpful practice that you get to take with you even after therapy to apply throughout your life. I’ll also apply Psychodynamic therapy, when necessary, which brings awareness and insight into areas of our past that may be affecting our present. Along the way, I’ll apply solution-focused approaches and highlight the strengths you already possess, because at times we can forget these, but they are important.

Ultimately, meeting you where you are with empathy and compassion will naturally lead us to the areas that need healing and attention. I have experienced wonderful self-awareness and an increased quality of life with therapy throughout my life, and it’s what has ignited a passion within me to be that person for others. To me, there is no better work than to guide ourselves and others to a truly satisfying quality of life; it’s what we all desire after all. When we feel better, we do better, and for that I am proud of the positive ripple effect therapy can have on the world.

I hope to work with you.

Areas of Expertise:

I have experience working with anxiety, depression/postpartum, infertility, grief/loss, career counseling, trauma, and adjustments to life’s many phases and relationships. I have completed a 4-part training series with Postpartum Support Virginia.

Meghan works under the direct supervision of Isabel Kirk, LPC