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Priscilla Mishler


Life is beautiful; however, we all face hardships and endure suffering. How we process and navigate those difficulties determines how we respond to others, their reaction to us, and our quality of life. We were designed for intimate relationships and to be one another’s support, but in the messiness and downfall of life, we can lose our way and our authentic selves.

Unhealthy coping habits can develop, and toxic patterns can take over our lives without us noticing them until it’s too late. While being vulnerable to a stranger can be daunting, it is courageous and life-changing. When we share painful experiences and life’s difficulties, not only is a light shined on the unspoken or hidden, but thoughts and emotions are being acknowledged and processed.

As a counselor, I offer a warm, engaging, empathic and genuine approach to the therapeutic relationship. I believe in the holistic approach where counseling techniques address the whole person and their specific needs. My goal is to have a safe place to talk comfortably about what is distressing for you and work together to improve your well-being.

I want to walk alongside you to guide and support you through the process. You are the authority in your life. I am here to help you with in the areas of anxiety, depression, acculturation, life transitions as well as identify unresolved traumas, grief/loss, and mood instability. Together we will explore options for resolving conflicts healthily and productively. Change, growth, and healing happen when we honor and understand our story!

My approach is person-centered; working with clients with an empathic, genuine, active and non-judgemental approach.  My goal is to empower the client and help gain a better understanding of themselves and gain skills to lead a more satisfying life. In addition, I incorporate different approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Family Systems, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy among others. I also continue my education in different modalities that address the mind-body connection, well-being (not only the absence of disease but thriving in life) and the healing of trauma at a deeper level.

Northern Virginia has been home for over 30 years. I have enjoyed immensely living in this area with my husband, two grown daughters, and a Goldendoodle who keeps me on my toes. 

I work under the supervision of Andreea Solfavi, LPC