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Steven B. Singer, M.Ed., LPCC, LPC

Teens, Adults & Couples

Perhaps you experienced a sudden change in your life or have been enduring chronic fear, worry and sadness or have been supporting a family or friend in need and have yourself begun to experience these symptoms.   Many of us look to feel better in the short-term, tell ourselves we can power through these challenges or seek to feel better by using alcohol or other substances.  Some find distraction in gaming or spending significant periods of time online.  Sometimes, these responses lead us to neglect our responsibilities to ourselves, our careers, and our families.  If you have found yourself in these life situations, it can be difficult to ask for help. 

Therapeutic Approach

I am a practitioner of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, an orientation to psychotherapy which is cognitive-behavioral and can bring relief to the unhealthy negative emotions and behaviors that stem from how we respond to the challenges that life holds in store for each of us.  By utilizing an evidence based approach to the beliefs which support our symptoms, we can work toward challenging and replacing those beliefs that support our fear, worry and sadness, while also addressing, if indicated, the self-medicating behaviors that we had relied on for relief, but no longer work and have become secondary problems.  By identifying, challenging, disputing and replacing the beliefs that cause us emotional upset and their behavioral consequences, we can more fully participate in and enjoy our lives while managing the ongoing challenges that life holds in store for us. 

As a seasoned behavioral health practitioner with over 31 years of clinical experience, I have been privileged to work in a wide area of psychotherapy environments including schools, jails, inpatient psychiatric units, intensive outpatient and outpatient programs, private practice, employee assistance programs, and substance use disorders clinics.  I have worked with clients from many walks of life from around the globe and have come to understand that we are all seeking a sense of purpose, love, belonging and peace in our lives.  If you are reaching out to learn more about how to achieve these goals, I can help. 

About me:

My life journey began in Brooklyn, New York and continued to early adulthood on Long Island.  As a young adult, I moved to Florida and experienced the opportunity to live in a multicultural community and gained a greater understanding of people from all walks of life.  Beginning in corrections and law enforcement and moving into a career in school counseling that began in public education, I worked with children and adolescents.  I then chose to focus on private practice and worked with adolescents, adults and families with issues ranging from depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, substance use disorders, grief and job related problems to substance use disorders and employee assistance programs.  One of my passions, is couple’s therapy work. I help people to navigate and understand their feelings and communicate better with people they love. While change was a bit confusing and frightening at times, I have learned that if one is willing to accept the possibility of rejection and failure, but still accept themselves unconditionally, life is quite manageable and satisfying. 

If you currently find yourself in one of life’s challenges that seems difficult to overcome, I can help you gain greater insight and understanding and improve your activities of daily living with the evidence based strategies discussed here.  You do not have to do this on your own and asking for help is one of the great gifts and strengths of our humanity.   I look forward to working with you.