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Tai Feng, LCPC


If you or anybody you know is struggling in life, I am here to help. Life isn’t easy and figuring out who we are, our needs, how to deal with the world and other people can be an overwhelming task, especially because of trauma. Everybody deals with trauma. Trauma is part of life. So, understading, processing and transforming it can be a very good skill or process to go as early in life as we can. The sooner we do it, the better equipped you will be to deal with and life a healthy life. I attended University of Virginia and graduated with a degree in East Asian Studies and minor in Psychology.  I worked in a few different fields before coming back for my Master’s degree.  I realized that life can be so much easier and fulfilling if we know ourselves and get the support that we need to become who we need to be.

I am bilingual, speak both English and Mandarin Chinese.  Being a first generation Taiwanese Immigrant, I was dropped into the great American salad bowl.  Growing up navigating through different cultures and forming identity was challenging.  I understand everyone has their own unique challenges and problems. 

My approach is person-centered; working with clients with an empathic, genuine, active and non-judgemental approach.  My goal is to empower the client and help gain a better understanding of themselves and gain skills to lead a more satisfying life. In addition, I incorporate different approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Family Systems, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy among others.

I enjoy working particularly with children and adolescents in the areas of anxiety, depression, acculturation, life transitions (particularly emerging adults) as well as C-PTSD and continue my education in different modalities that address the mind-body connection, well-being (not only the absence of disease but thriving in life) and the healing of trauma at a deeper level.

I work under the supervision of Andreea Solfavi, LPC