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DCVA Virtual Clinical Consultation Appointments Now Available! (Adults Only)

Finding a therapist can be challenging!  Phone calls and emails unanswered, practices are full, and your needs remain unmet. Sometimes, you may not need therapy at all, just redirection by a professional and not just a friend or family member.

DCVA wants to get to you the inmediate help that can make a difference in your life today.

What is a DCVA Clinical Consultation?

The DCVA Clinical Consultation is a one-session meeting facilitated by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Lorrie Appleton, LCSW with more than 30 years in the field is help.

The stages of the meeting are targeted:

1) Problem Identification and Assessment

2) Evaluation and Assessment – Use self-reported data to clarify the psychological and systemic factors contributing the problem.

3) Action Plan – Summarize and provide possible next steps.

Some examples:

  • If you have a parent who asks that we see their child, and therapists are full, the parent may benefit from seeing someone one timer to talk it through. Oftentimes, the parent needs help themselves managing the child’s issue more than the child who needs to be seen by a therapist.  
  • If you have a recent break up and can’t get out of the heart broken by yourself.
  • Conflict at work, need some guidance relating to some difficult people or boss.
  • A partner or you threatening divorce but not wanting couple’s therapy.
  • Feeling overwhelmed and need to tallk to someone today.

How do I sign up?

1- Please fill out the form below and send it to info@dcvacounseling-psychotherapy.com to reserve your spot.

Intake one page

2- Pay for the services to confirm your appointment.

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